Sunday, 22 July 2012

OOTD : Racey Lacey

Some days I feel like doing nothing but schlubbing around in the slouchiest, baggiest, most shapeless clothes I own. Others I feel like doing what I like to call 'aspirational dressing'. I woke up this morning feeling a little less than fresh. Last nights makeup still firmly in place, panda eyes and the taste of gin still present in my dryer-than-dry mouth, I decided I had two options; work on further implanting that bum impression on the sofa, or get up and dress for the mood that I wanted! I chose the former. After a few hours of sofa-surfing, I then decided to opt for the latter and this is the outfit I went with.

The necklace was created by a lovely lady called Tamsyn who runs VelvetVolcano. I am a fervent lover of all things leopard print so when I saw this baby it was pretty much a no-brainer! You can find her gorgeous items on Etsy and Facebook.

The outfit put itself together after that. In honour of the necklace, I picked something both 'racey' and 'lacey' in the form of the red knee-length skirt from Rare London. I picked it up for about £8 in their sale and haven't found the right occasion to wear it yet! 

I paired it with a simple black vest, a cinch belt from New Look and my gorgeous TUK booties. They're hellishly uncomfortable but I don't care! It's like wearing a pair of tiny biker jackets on my feet! 

Well, I'll love you and leave you as I'm off to get some red hot Batman action at the cinema! :)

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