Saturday, 15 September 2012

Saturday Bargains!

I woke up feeling pretty ropey this morning; I've been trying to shake a cold for a couple of weeks now and the bugger seemed to have come back with a vengeance today, so I decided some retail therapy might perk me up. Now, I'm not really a fan of shopping. I do whatever I can online, which often leads to ill fitting garments that end up on eBay without having been worn, but if I can avoid busy shops I do. Still, the lure of TK Maxx and Matalan literally around the corner from my house was too much today so I popped in to see what junk they had on offer. 

Matalan had a bunch of stuff that I wanted as soon as I walked through the door. I adore chunky knits and big baggy jumpers and there is a plethora of that in there at the moment, lovely browns, dark reds, mustards and navy blues. In the interests of staying frugal I gritted my teeth and walked on past though.

Then I spotted a galaxy print top and snatched it from the rack before I let myself have a second thought. It's lovely, and fits really nicely. I then found some gorgeous studded pumps and although they're not ideal for the fast approaching winter months, I thought they'd be lovely for sprucing up skinny jeans on a night out.

Galaxy top - £12

Studded pumps - £10

After that I popped my head into TK Maxx to see what that treasure trove had in store for me. I've always found TK Maxx to be hit or miss but I always find that if I dig through enough crap, there's always something in there worth buying, and usually at a decent price. I bought some Le Creuset and some cupcake holders for a friend, a Models Own nail polish set (for the same price the miniature sets cost in Boots!), some sweeties for the boyfriend (hope he'll share) and a crazy cat lady mug because, well, how much more fitting could it possibly be?!

Models Own nail polish set - £7.99

Giant lollipops - £2.40

Crazy cat lady mug - £2.99

So, while it might not have had the desired effect; I am still feeling under the weather, it certainly perked me up emotionally and I'm pretty pleased with my bargains! 


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