Saturday, 4 August 2012

OOTD : Arctic Wolf

I've been a long-time fan of the awesome Raffles Bizarre and have been eyeing up the Arctic Wolf necklace for a while now. When I finally got my hands on one I couldn't wait to wear it. I really struggle to find jewellery that doesn't look ridiculous against my tattoos sometimes but the turquoise/blue combo of this necklace seemed made to sit between my chest tattoos. It's made from hard plastic, the design is an original illustration and it's varnished for extra durability. I love it! You can nab one here.

I wore it with a Motel dress that I've had for a while and have now decided to part with, so not only did it need one final outing but the colours really seemed to fit with what I was going for. I love this dress, I really do. Sadly, I've put weight on lately and it doesn't look as good as it used to, plus I'm always wary of being so close to 30 and still showing so much skin. I'll be in button-down blouses and maxi skirts from here on in ;)

I bagged the shoes in the New Look sale for £11!  They are super hard to walk in but surprisingly comfy once you're used to them. They're around 5" so make me rather a lot taller than my boyfriend which I don't think he's super keen on but I just couldn't resist them as I've got a real love for tan/camel coloured items, they seem to go with practically everything and can look a little classier than other colours.



  1. Ah you look amazing! Thanks lovely <3
    If you ever get a close up of you wearing any of the necklaces pop it in an email so I can stick it in my customer gallery! :D

    1. Thank you, honey! I didn't get one in this batch but I will definitely get a pic and send one over to you in the very near future :) xxx

  2. It's beautiful, I absolutely love Raffles Bizarre!! xx