Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Studs & Denim

I'm not sure this warrants an entire blog post but I was aimlessly wandering through town today and fell in mad, passionate love with a denim jacket in TopShop. Now, I've been a big fan of adding studs to items for years and I'm loving the fact that it's so prevalent at the moment. I've even made some silver studded bracelets that I'll be adding to the website soon. 

As beautiful as this jacket is, the £60 price tag made me have second thoughts. I will make it my mission to scour the charity shops for a suitable denim jacket and will order some studs online to try and make my own approximation. Watch this space for how I get on!

In other exciting news I got some lovely necklaces from Jess at Raffles Bizarre this morning! I've been lusting after the Arctic Wolf necklace for some time now so expect a more detailed blog post on each piece very soon :)


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