Thursday, 30 August 2012

Gore Gore Girl

This blog was created to fulfill a number of things; to give me a soapbox on which to talk about issues that matter to me, to showcase my horrendous fashion choices and to talk about the thing that I love most in life; making jewellery. Jewellery is an enormous part of my life and arguably takes up the bulk of my time, it pays the bills and keeps me very, very busy but it's only one of the two things that give me that excited feeling in the pit of my tummy. The other is horror movies. Most women look at me oddly when I talk about my fascination with horror movies, it's not something that's ordinarily associated with someone like me. In addition to Sugar & Vice, I also run a website called Gorepress. It's something I and a few friends started about 3 or 4 years ago and in that time we've managed to build a pretty successful, well read website. I do two podcasts a week, have been given the chance to interview people in the industry and have made a tonne of likeminded friends, all of whom will talk at length with you about movies, given half a chance. I've also just been added to a horror movie awards committee where I get to nominate as well as vote so it's been quite a rollercoaster ride so far!

This is a somewhat tenuous preamble to me getting to the reason I've been a bit quiet on here lately, last weekend I attended FrightFest. It's a Film Four sponsored event that takes place once a year at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square and it's full of exclusive showings of films, premieres and special guests. It's the most exciting event in the calendar for a UK based horror fan, to put it in its simplest terms. 

Me and my boyfriend went to London not really knowing what to expect but ended up having a wonderful couple of days. Sitting on your tush and doing nothing but watching horror movies from 10am to 1am sounds almost relaxing but it's a tremendously tiring endurance test, and a whole lot of fun! Despite my love of all things pink and girly, horror movies will continue to take up a large portion of my life and will always hold a special place in my heart.

From a film festival last weekend to a music festival this coming weekend and another film festival in October, with lots of work in between it's pretty non-stop at casa del Sarah at the moment. I'll try not to leave it so long before updating next time though.

One question before I leave. Horror movies; love 'em or hate 'em?



  1. LOVE THIS POST! You know how I feel about horror flicks ;)

    1. I do indeed hun! Start saving for FrightFest next year, you would utterly LOVE it :D xxx